Heather and Everett purchased their first purebred dog in 1974 as a birthday present for their 10 year old daughter, Heather-Jean. Suzie, a toy poodle, introduced us to the world of dog events. We became involved in obedience, then showing, then breeding. After deciding that we were not artists with scissors we looked for another breed. Our criteria was - no surgical docking, no grooming, not too big, not too small. The answer - a whippet and we have not looked back.

Devonair Whippets have won Specialty Shows, High in Trials and Best In Fields - but most of all they have won the hearts of many pet people.

Because of Whippets we have met wonderful people from around the world and have gained many new friends.

We currently have no puppies available - there might be plans for 2018 but nothing is written in stone right now