Lure Coursing in 2016

It was a good year for Devonair Dogs on the Field - 12 Devonair dogs owned by various people came out and enjoyed watching them run for fun.  Out of those 12 - 4 were lucky enough to be in the top 10 for CKC Lure Coursing. 

#1 Devonair's Xiara FChX - owned by Don and Anne Hulley

#4 Devonair's Speakeasy FChX - owned by Hunter Wilson

#5 Ch Devonair's Quinn FChX VFChX - Owned by Heather & Everett Dansereau

#10 Ch Devonair's Wind in the Willows FChX - Owned by Heather & Everett Dansereau

We are all looking forward to what the 2017 year holds. 

They came and they Went

Quite the adventure as I had to go away for work in late May.  Luckily I was able to take Duck with me to keep an eye on her.  Sure enough she decided to have her puppies 5 days early at the Days Inn. 

She was quite the little trouper had 6 puppies in under 3 hours was very happy to settle in her crate under the desk in the room. The next day it took me 45 minutes to check out of the hotel as the staff stood around telling Duck how good she was and how the puppies were just perfect.  We then went to the office where everyone had a quick look and headed home.  

They have all gone to their new homes and life has returned to normal - not!!!  My keeper YaYa has us all on our toes.

More to follow.

Willow #1 Lure Coursing Whippet in Canada

We have been lure coursing for a very long time (over 30 years). There have been multiple Devonair Whippets that have been Number One in Canada but never one that we actually owned.  Imagine our delight to find out that Willow did it, our very first Number One Whippet and Sighthound in Canada for 2015.

In between coursing trials, we managed to attend some conformation shows and Willow also became a Champion.

Willow always likes to do her own thing. We took her to some agility classes, and she quickly learned all the basics, but she decided that if I did not have a treat in my hand, she would put her nose to the ground and go hunting - rabbits, or crickets, or toads, or squirrels etc. As she matures, we hope that she can focus enough to earn an agility title or two.

Typical snotty Willow look

Finally Done

It's not perfect and not complete but it's more up to date that before.   We will try to keep everyone up to date on the going's on here.